Drawing Kurosaki Ichigo In Photoshop - By Mello
A submission made to Oman3D Tutorial Competition 2005

This tutorial will teach you how to draw the anime character Kurosaki Ichigo from the popular anime "Bleach". The only program used in this tutorial is Adobe Photoshop 7, it is possible to use any other version of Adobe Photoshop to follow this tutorial or any other similar image editing program that has similar features. You are required to have basic knowledge on how to draw simple shapes and use the basic tools in Photoshop.

Kurosaki Itchigo ( Bleach ) Drawing by Mello

This tutorial will be divided into two parts; Part I will teach you how to draw the eyes and the face, while Part II will teach you how to draw the hair and then colour the drawing.

Preliminary Points:

You will be required to know these techniques before starting with this tutorials:

Colouring using the Polygonal Marquee Tool: We will do all the colouring in this tutorial using the Polygonal Marquee Tool which could be found in the toolbar along with the other selection tools.

Polygonal Marquee Tool

This tool could be easily used to created selected areas in whatever shape you wish to create it. Once you have created a selected area, you can fill this area with a colour by going through Edit > Fill or by alternatively pressing Ctrl+F5. That should make the Fill window pop up, select "Color" to use one for your contents.

A selection made using the polygonal marquee toolFill Window

Upon pressing "OK" in the previous window you shall have your area filled with the colour that you have chosen.

Selection Filled

Connecting Layers: Connecting two different layers gives you the ability to control both layers as if they were one. Before you connect two layers, you must access the Layers panel. In this panel, you must first select the first layer that you want to use, and then press the empty square next to the eye icon on the SECOND and a chain icon (chain) should appear to show that these two layers are connected.

Layers Panel

Merging Layers: At times you might be required to merge two or more layers into a single one. To merge two layers together you must connect them first and then press Ctrl+E to merge them together.

Part I - Drawing the eyes and face

Step 1: Draw an eye similar to the image below. Use the circle tool (Elliptical Marquee Tool) to select a circle area and then fill it with colour to draw round shapes in the image. Use the "Polygon Lasso Tool" to draw the upper outline of the eye. Make sure that you make the line as thick as seen in the image below.

Step One - Draw the Eye Tools Used


Step 2: We will first draw the lower outline of the eye. Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool - the same tool you used to draw the upper outline of the eye. Notice how the outline is thicker at the lower corner and at the centre and gets extremely sharper as it reaches the right end of it. Once done, colour your iris of the eye in gray.

We will also add a shadow to the eye, draw first a bent shape similar to the one you see below in a new layer, blur this shape using the Gaussian Blur Filter (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur) and use a radius of 1.5. This should look similar to the one that I have created. Now just put it behind our main drawing.

Bent Shape - Eye Shadow - Step 2Oman3D Tutorial

Step 3: We'll now draw the eyebrow. Once again, use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to draw the bent shape shown below. Select the shape using the Magic Wand Tool. While the object (He said layer, is it layer or Object?) go to "Select > Modify > Contract... > 1" (What is this?!) You should get a result similar to the one you see in the final image of step 3. We will finally also add some features to the face, using the Polygonal Lasso Tool draw a shape similar to the one you see below. You will have to blur it using a 1.5 radius of a Gaussian Blur.


Nose Feature
Step 3
Bent Shape
Small Feature
Step 3 Result

Step 4: The nose - draw a little thin and long nose using the Polygonal Lasso Tool. Make sure to put a gap or a very thin line between the start of the nose (top) and the middle of the nose. Forget about the shade for now and add 2 dots at the end of the nose as shown in the image below. It is now time to add the shadow, use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to draw a shadow at the inner lower part of the nose, make sure the colour is lighter than what has been used for the outlines, you will have to blur your shape using the Gaussian Blur filter, I used a radius of 1.5.

Ichigo's nose!

Step 5: We'll start off by drawing the second eye. Repeat the same process you have used to draw the first eye, just make it a little bit smaller. Start by drawing the upper part, the pupil, the lower part, and then the shade effect behind the eye. All of these steps were illustrated earlier. Once the actual eye is complete, draw the shade to the lower right side of the eye, make sure to blur it.

We'll finish this step by drawing the mouth. Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to draw a slightly bent line to make Ichigo look smiling, make sure not to make the lines too thick. Also, add a blurred shade below the mouth.

Mouth Shade
Ichigo Smiling
Mouth shade before applying the Gaussian Blur filter
Step 5 Result

Step 6: It is time to complete the face, create a thick outline to create the shape of the face, we are still using the Polygonal Lasso Tool. You might want to create separate lines to get the shape that I made to draw this, it is much easier to make it you break it down to four or five different segments.

Break it down to smaller bits to do it easily
Ichigo Face Complete
Drawing the face using four separate lines
Step 6 result

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