Create a Windows-Like Logo in 3D Studio Max

By Raven | 3D Studio Max | Beginner

This tutorial will teach you how to create a Windows like logo as shown in the image below:

1 - Start by creating an arc. ( Create > Shapes > Arc ) You will have to drag the object and then pull it with the mouse upwards to make it curve a little bit only. Check the image below to get a better idea.

2 - Duplicate the arc by first selecting it, and then dragging it down while holding shift. A cloned version of it should appear.

3 - Right click any arc and convert it to an editable spline, go then to the Modify tab and select Vertex then after that click the attach button then select the other arc and then click connect.

4 - Click the end of any arc and drag it to the opposite end. Do the same for the other end to make the two arcs join at their ends by the two lines.

5 - Unselect vertex button and click the shape. This should now make us a whole shape and not two separate arcs. Select Extrude in the Modify tab and raise the amount of extrusion to the amount you desire. You should make the height at least equal to the width.

6 - Now duplicate this shape the way we did for the arc before, this time drag so that you have two identical shapes next to each other as seen in the next image.

7 - Rotate the 180 degrees so that it looks this way. (The rotate button looks like this )

8 - Finally duplicate the two shapes and drag them to below the older two shapes so that you have the windows like flag shape.

9 - The ending look is created by applying a material for every square to match the colours of the real logo.My model looked this way by rendering it in v-ray and chamfering the edges.

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- End of Tutorial.