Creating a Flower Stand and Vase in 3DS Max

By Stealth_Snake | 3DS Max | Intermediate

In the previous section of this tutorial you learnt how to create a flower stand using using spline and loft. This section will teach you a quick method on how to create a flower vase using lathe. The Lathe Modifier converts a simple shape into a 3D object by revolving the shape around one of the axis. You will learn how to use that to create a vase.

Create flower Vase using Lathe

We are going to create our vase by using an spline line to draw a section of the vase and then use the lathe modifier to convert it into a model.

Start by going through Create>Shape>Line and draw half an inner slice of the vase.

basic shape of pot

While this shape is still selected click on the Modify tab and set the selection mode to Spline then simply scroll down to Outline and enable Outline by clicking on it. Now select the vase shape from the scene, then hold down the mouse left click and drag it down a little bit - This will add thickness to the shape with accordance to the dragged distance.

spline > outline pot shape outlined

While you are still at the Modify Tab, select Lathe from the Modifier List. You will then have to enable Weld Core and set Align to Mid and the Output to Patch as shown in the screenshot image below. These values should get you a smooth 3D vase model.

modifier list > Lathe lathe parameters result of lathe modifier

Note: Sometimes the Lathe Modifier flips the surface so that the inside of the object is visible outside. To make sure that this does not happen you may need to enable Flip Normals.

That should make our vase ready! You may optionally apply textures to it and the flower stand to create a more realistic looking furniture set!final results

This concludes our tutorial, I hope that you learnt something new from it. Feel free to post at the Oman3D Forum if you have any questions.

- End of Tutorial