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Adobe Introduces Web Standards Animation Tool

Adobe released today a preview version of Adobe Edge (confusingly the same name as Adobe’s newsletter “Edge“), a brand new animation tool that uses HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create timeline based animations that can play directly in any modern browser without a plugin. The preview of Adobe Edge is still very basic, but allows you at this point to create simple square graphics, add images and texts, and then animate them using a timeline in a very Flash Professional like manner, the only difference is that the outcome of the project is a HTML with JS and CSS files.

Adobe states that Edge would be a standalone project besides Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, and Flash Builder. As the web standards become more powerful and efficient, it makes sense for Adobe to take provide tools to make it easy to designers to express themselves using these standards.

You can learn more about Edge and download the preview version of it on Adobe Labs.

Adobe Launches Wallaby – Flash to HTML Conversion Tool

Earlier this week Adobe announced a new technology called Wallaby that will enable its users to convert Flash projects into HTML5. Unlike the Flash iPhone Packager, Wallaby will not be able to convert any ActionScript into interactive HTML5 content, instead the tool simply makes it possible to convert Graphical content in FLA files into HTML5 ready content that may be displayed on webkit browers and iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. Wallaby conversion works only with FLA files written in AS3 format.

You can learn more about Wallaby and download it from Adobe Labs, but you should note that this is an early technology showcase, so do not expect it to be bug-free.

YouTube Without Flash?

Google has recently launched a beta feature for users of YouTube to allow them to view videos on YouTube directly using  HTML5 without the need to have the Flash Player installed. The feature is still in beta and will not work with monetized videos or videos with annotation. It is also not supported by all browsers yet.

If YouTube was to rely primarily on HTML5 instead of Flash then this would be a major loss for Flash technology as YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet and one which has helped promote the use of Flash as the optimum method for delivering video on the Internet.

The movement towards HTML5 instead of Flash for delivered video is motivated by the will to rely on open web standards instead of relying on a proprietary 3rd party technology such as Flash. It also makes more sense to implement a video directly, the same way an image is embedded, instead of relying on a plug-in to do the job.

However, playing a video is a more interactive experience that needs additional navigation tools and may not be placed and played the same way an image is showed. This of course can still be achieved by using AJAX instead of Flash, but it will take a lot of time before such technologies can replace Flash video because the support of HTML5 is still buggy across different browsers. The consistency that the Flash Player provides is also a big advantage that will be very hard to duplicate using HTML5 and AJAX.

You can read more about this on TechCrunch. You can also try out the new HTML5 playback feature on YouTube through its TestTube page.

Adobe AIR 2 SDK (Athena) Beta Released

Earlier this month Adobe release the public beta of its upcoming AIR 2.0 SDK – codenamed Athena. The latest version of the SDK will enable you to create AIR applications with new features such as the support for mass storage devices, advanced networking capabilities, multi-touch gestures, HTML5 & CSS3 support, and many other new features. You can learn more about Athena and download the SDK at Adobe Labs.