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Flash Now Bundled with Chrome

TechCrunch reports that the Flash Player is now being bundled with all new Chrome browser installs. This comes as no surprise as Adobe’s relationship with Google has been growing stronger as they have partnered in several areas such as the Chrome OS and the development of the Flash Player 10.1 for android which was recently released as well.

You can download the latest release of Chrome from this link. Read more about Adobe and Chrome’s partnership at TechCrunch.

What Does Chrome OS Mean for Flash

Google Chrome OS Google uncovered a lot of details yesterday about its upcoming operating system Chrome OS. This operating system is based on the the Google Chrome browser and will not have any native applications at all, and even though Adobe is an official partner of Google Chrome OS, this means that Adobe AIR will NOT be supported.

However, in its demo, Google showed how Flash for delivering the gaming experience on Chrome OS – which can obviously be done on any other browser as well. That is not to say that Flash will be the ONLY solution for creating applications and games on Google Chrome as many rich web applications, including these made by Google, are written in AJAX (which may or may not include Flash elements).

You can learn more about Google Chrome OS from Google’s official blog.

Adobe an Official Partner of Google Chrome OS

Google unveiled in an short FAQ the list of partners working with Google on the Chrome OS and this list includes a some hardware manufacturers and Adobe. Though no explanation of the nature of partnership between Adobe and Google has been provided, it is most likely to be related to the integration of Adobe AIR into the Chrome OS. Adobe AIR is one of the most popular technologies for creating lightweight desktop applications with web functionality and has become the de facto technology for creating desktop based Twitter clients such as TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop. Its inclusion in the Google OS would ensure the availability of all AIR applications for the users of Chrome.

It is very unlikely for the partnership of Adobe with Google to involve the development of a CS suite or any other professional Adobe product for Chrome as this OS is currently targeted only for netbooks which are unlikely to be able to handle processor intensive programs or 3D graphics.

You can read the Chrome OS FAQ here.