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Flash Platform Services Announced

Flash Platform Services - Distribute Adobe recently announced a new set of services to support developers of the Flash Platform and help them distribute and monetize any Flash widgets and applications.

Using the new distribution service, developers of Flash widgets can use Adobe technologies to make it easy to share these widgets online across popular social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. Widgets could also be used to link to alternative editions of the widgets like a Flash Lite version, an Adobe AIR version, or an iPhone app version of the widget.

The whole system would be managed through Gigya that offers an online portal that will allow users to track the number of downloads and performance of the widget. Gigya also offers a number of paid distribution methods which developers can use to promote their widgets and applications on the web.

The services will also include in the future a number of features for helping developers easily integrate social features from Facebook and MySpace in their actual widgets.

You can learn more about Flash Platform Services from Adobe’s website.

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