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Flash CS5.5.1 Update Released

 Adobe has just released a minor update to Flash Professional CS5.5 that fixes bugs relating to opening and saving some FLA files. Adobe highly recommends installing this update. You can do that by launching Flash CS5.5 then going through the Help file menu to to update it from there. You can learn more about this update from the Flash Downloads page.

New Features of Flash Professional CS5

Adobe unveiled the new bundles of CS5 and all the major features of all its applications earlier today. The new Flash Professional CS5 will be available for sale on its own at $699 and an upgrade to it starts at $199. The new Flash Professional CS5 is one of three primary Flash platform applications, the other two are Flash Builder (formerly Flex Builder) and Flash Catalyst (a tool for adding interactivity to interfaces without any development skills).

Flash Professional CS5 has a combination of development-aspect and design-aspect updates including:

  1. Enhanced ActionScript editor that supports custom class hinting and code completion.
  2. New code snippets for inserting ready-made functionality without having to manually type the code.
  3. New text engine that allows linking a number of textfield to a single text object so that text flows across them seamlessly.
  4. New open XML format that enables you to update assets outside the project using any other application and have that asset automatically updated in the project when used.
  5. New spring bones feature for creating realistic animations on the stage.
  6. Enhanced video embedding tools that include a new cue point inspector.

The new CS5 will still have the infamous Flash to iPhone compiler which is technically still allowed by Apple, but would be banned once their new SDK goes out of beta. It will remain possible to create iPhone applications using Flash Professional CS5, but these applications will be rejected by Apple once submitted to the App Store. That does not mean that applications cannot be distributed through alternative stored made accessible through Jailbreak. The new Flash Professional also allows exporting Flash 10.1 and Air 2.0 movies which support many advanced capabilities such as gestures and multi-touch which can be used with new devices other than the iPhone such as Android devices and HP and Dell tablet devices.

There still isn’t an actual release date for the new CS5, but preorders can be taken now at Adobe.com.

CS5 Editions Unveiled

Adobe updated its website with the details of the new CS5. The official unveiling event should start in less than 2 hours. The new CS5 will come in five different flavors, Design Standard, Design Premium, Web Premium, Production Premium, and Master Collection. Gone are Web Standard and Production Standard, but upgrades from any standard or premium edition of CS4 will cost the same price.

Flash Professional CS5 and Flash Catalyst CS5 are both included in all the editions of CS5 other than Design Standard. The Web Premium edition includes Flash Professional CS5, Flash Catalyst CS5, and Flash Builder CS5 along with new editions of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, Contribute, and Acrobat Pro. Web Premium costs $1,799 while an upgrade starts from $599. The Master Collection on the other hand costs $2,599 and an upgrade starts from $899.

You can learn more about all the new CS5 at Adobe’s website.