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Tutorial: Using Geolocation in Flash Mobile Apps

Learn how to take your mobile application to the next level by retrieving location details using the Geolocation Class. This feature is available for iPhone Flash Apps, Flash Lite 4, and Adobe AIR 2. Read our AS3 Geolocation tutorial here.

Not Dead Yet – Flash Lite 4 Coming Soon

All the hype about Flash Player 10.1 for mobile devices made a lot of people forget about all the other feature phones that do not have big screens or powerful processors and which will never be capable for running the full Flash experience. For these other phones Adobe is going to release the fourth edition of Flash Lite, which for the first time will support ActionScript 3.0. There are no details about this at all on Adobe’s own website, but according to Blogger Anand Joshi, the new Flash Lite 4 is now available for phone manufacturers from Calsoft – one of Adobe’s partners.

Anand points out that Flash Player 10.1 is merely a plugin for the browser, while Flash Lite 4 is both a plug and a standalone application. The fact that it also resides outside the browser makes it possible for the phone manufacturers to add device-specific capabilities to it, while the same cannot be done for Flash Player 10.1.

You can read more about this on Anand’s blog and on Scott Janousek’s blog as well.