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Tutorial: Dealing with iPhone Screen Orientation

Dealing with screen orientation is a matter that has be dealt with early on in the development cycle of your iPhone app – our tutorial will teach you how to deal with matter in Flash using the AS3 StageOrientationEvent Class.

Tutorial: Using the Pan Gesture in Flash Using AS3

The last tutorial in our series of gesture tutorial will teach you how to use the pan gesture (two fingers) gesture in Flash mobile application to scroll an object on the stage. Read our tutorial on the AS3 Pan Gesture to learn more about this trick.

Tutorial: Rotate Gesture in Flash Using AS3

We previously published tutorials for the swipe gesture and the pinch to zoom gesture, now we are adding another one to our collection: the Rotate Gesture. This one is probably the most simple one to use of all the gestures available in ActionScript 3.0, but surely not the least in importance. Learn how to use by reading our tutorial here.

Tutorial: Reacting to iPhone Status Changes Events

Developing an iPhone application has a number of unique issues that needs to be addressed such as the fact that your application might be interrupted at any moment by receiving a phone calls. This tutorial you teach you how to react to iPhone status changes by using ActionScript 3.0.

Tutorial: Using CacheAsBitmap & CacheAsBitmapMatrix Properties

Using Flash on mobile devices requires special considerations for optimizing content in a way that does not exhausted the limited resources of mobile devices. This tutorial will teach you how to use the cacheAsBitmap and cacheAsBitmapMatrix properties to cache your vector graphics as bitmaps in order to save processing resources and help make your applications run more effectively on the iPhone and AIR runtime.

Tutorial: Using the Pinch to Zoom Gesture in Flash

All touch-based mobile applications nowadays feature the pinch-to-zoom gesture that allows you scale pictures up or down. This tutorial will teach you how to create the Zoom Gesture using ActionScript 3.0.

Tutorial: Using the Swipe Gesture in Flash Mobile Apps

If you want to create a slick mobile application you will have to use the swipe gesture to flick through pages or move objects around. Our latest Flash tutorial will teach you how to use the AS3 Swipe Gesture to do that in your upcoming projects.

Tutorial: Using the Accelerometer Sensor in ActionScript 3.0

If you plan on creating some Android or iPhone Flash application you are likely going to need to use the accelerometer at some point or other, our latest tutorial will teach you how to use check for if a device has accelerometer capabilities and then use the accelerometer to move an object around the stage. Click here to view our AS3 Accelerometer tutorial.

Tutorial: Playing YouTube Videos in Flash Using AS3

This tutorial will teach you how to play a YouTube video directly inside your Flash movie. This trick is achieved by using the YouTube AS3 API which lets you control your movie using your own custom interface.  You can view the tutorial here.

Tutorial: Displaying Google Maps in Flash

This tutorial will teach you an easy method for displaying Google Maps inside you Flash projects using ActionScript 3.0. Read it here.