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Tutorial: Creating a Hello World iPhone App Using Flash CS5

Learn how to create your first iPhone app using Flash CS5 and have this application installed on your iPhone for testing.

Apple Allows Flash CS5 iPhone Applications

Apple recently released a new version of its SDK license agreement in which it amended the infamous Section 3.1.1 that bans the use of 3rd party languages to develop iPhone applications, the new Section 3.1.1 simply requires developers to use the API in the manner prescribed by Apple and prohibits the use of private API. This means that iPhone apps made using the iPhone Packager in Flash CS5 will not be banned for the mere fact that they were not originally written using Objective-C.

Adobe was quick to announce that it will now resume the development of the iPhone Packager into its upcoming releases of Flash CS5.

The reason for lifting the ban is unknown, it could be competition from Android, fear of violation of EU anti-competition legislation, or the fact that many popular applications were developed using 3rd party technologies such as Unity3D. Regardless, this is great news for Flash developers as they now can easily develop applications for the iPhone and the iPad by using ActionScript 3.0 and Flash CS5!

Apple Bans Flash CS5 iPhone Compiler!

Apple revealed its new iPhone OS 4.0 yesterday and along with it released a new beta SDK for developers. The new SDK came with a revised license agreement that prohibits linking to “Documented APIs through an intermediary or compatibility layer” - which is the method used by Flash CS5 to compile iPhone applications.

Though CS5 end-result iPhone applications compile into the same format as those made with Apple’s own XCode, Apple doesn’t want anyone to use any third party tool to make these applications, such tools include Flash CS5 and MonoTouch. Currently, it is very easy to tell if an application was made using Flash CS5 as the .app file can be searched for strings identifying the development toolkit.

This is a critical issue for Adobe and all Flash developers who hoped that they would be able to use their existing skills to create applications for the iPhone. Apple’s decision seems more like a personal feud against Adobe which has promoted Flash CS5 capability to compile iPhone applications as the primary feature of the new release. The ban cannot have come at a worse time as Adobe plans to unveil the new CS5 in four days.

The position of Adobe regarding this new development is not clear, they have issued a statement saying that they are aware of the new license language and that they still plan to continue develop the iPhone packager for Flash CS5. Even if Adobe releases Flash CS5 with this feature, that will not change the fact that Apple can easily identify the violating applications and reject them.

In theory it might be possible to translate Flash iPhone applications into native Object-C code and therefore avoiding the violation of the license agreement, but achieving that in practice is a different story.

Adobe is still going to unveil the new Flash CS5 and the rest of the CS5 suite in four days.

You can learn more about this on Daring Fireball and TechCrunch.

No Flash for Apple’s iPad

Apple announced yesterday it’s awaited tablet, the iPad, which runs on the iPhone OS and features a much more powerful processor. There was no mention as to whether or not the device would support Flash, but engadget reported that Flash cannot be displayed in the Safari browser of the iPad. This doesn’t come as a big surprise as the iPhone still currently does not support Flash at all. While this might be a big drawback for most consumers, Flash developers are not left completely without a solution as the new version of Flash CS5 will allow packaging Flash into native iPhone applications which will run on the iPad. However, it is very unlikely for the initial release of Flash CS5 to support any of the custom APIs for the iPad as opposed to the iPhone, but we can hope that Adobe takes that into consideration in later updates.

The iPad is expected to be released in March 2010, there is no release date for Flash CS5 yet.