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Tutorial: Using the Pinch to Zoom Gesture in Flash

All touch-based mobile applications nowadays feature the pinch-to-zoom gesture that allows you scale pictures up or down. This tutorial will teach you how to create the Zoom Gesture using ActionScript 3.0.

Adobe Launches InMarket Platform

Adobe officially launched a few days ago its new InMarket app distribution platform. InMarket is not a traditional app store but a comprehensive platform to distributing applications through multiple stores supported by InMarket – this way a developer can deploy his application once and have it distributed through a various number of stores on different platforms from one central place. InMarket is intended to supported all Adobe AIR applications across desktop and mobile devices and maybe used to distribute free and paid applications – when an application is sold for a fee Adobe will take 30% of the sale price of the application.

InMarket currently supports Intel AppUp – an web application developed by Intel for distributing netbook-friendly applications.

You can learn more about InMarket and have your applications distributed through it by visiting Adobe’s website.

New Version of Adobe Air LaunchPad Released

Adobe AIR LaunchPad is a free AIR application made by Adobe to help Flex developers create new AIR documents with the basic capabilities they need to have included in their applications. Version 2 of LaunchPad adds the ability to create AIR mobile applications in addition to desktop applications. You can learn more about LaunchPad and download it for free at Adobe Labs.

Adobe Wave – Ridiculous Idea But Good AIR Example

Adobe Wave Adobe recently released a new product in Labs called Adobe Wave, which is basically a service tied to an AIR application to send updates directly to the desktop of end users. It serves the same function as a desktop based RSS reader, but is proprietary, does not read regular RSS feeds, and has no web based access for users to check the latest updates. The service will probably not have any wide spread due to the effort necessary for publishers to set up their feeds and integrate the Wave API into existing feeds.

Anyway, Flash developers should still check it out because it is a great example of a light-weight AIR application that has a nice simple interface and great web connectivity.

You can learn more about Adobe Wave at Adobe Labs.