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Adobe AIR 3.0 Native Extensions Demo on iOS

Mark Doherty of Adobe has posted a video on Vimeo that demos the use of the native mapping component in an iOS AIR application by taking advantage of the native extensions feature available in the upcoming Adobe AIR 3.0 for desktop and mobile. According to Mark, native extensions will enable developers of AIR applications on iOS and Android to connect to native API hooks that are not currently supported out of the box by Adobe AIR to take advantage of native capabilities of a mobile platform. This will enable developers to use native features of the OS in their application such as push notifications, in-app purchasing, or any other feature supported natively by the OS.

In the demo below Mark showcases how the native mapping component in iOS can be used in an iOS app:

The release candidate of Adobe AIR 3.0 runtime and SDK are both available from Adobe Labs, the actual release date of the final version of the SDK has not been announced.

[via FlashMobileBlog]