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Adobe Introduces Web Standards Animation Tool

Adobe released today a preview version of Adobe Edge (confusingly the same name as Adobe’s newsletter “Edge“), a brand new animation tool that uses HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create timeline based animations that can play directly in any modern browser without a plugin. The preview of Adobe Edge is still very basic, but allows you at this point to create simple square graphics, add images and texts, and then animate them using a timeline in a very Flash Professional like manner, the only difference is that the outcome of the project is a HTML with JS and CSS files.

Adobe states that Edge would be a standalone project besides Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, and Flash Builder. As the web standards become more powerful and efficient, it makes sense for Adobe to take provide tools to make it easy to designers to express themselves using these standards.

You can learn more about Edge and download the preview version of it on Adobe Labs.

Augment Reality in Flash CS4

Augment Reality Flash CS4 Earlier this month Adobe released its August issue of Adobe Edge, which include a nice tutorial on how to do augment reality in Flash CS4 to show an interactive 3D object on a real image captured live from a camera. The tutorial does not explain every single line of code used, but does provide a general guide on how to create each separate piece and the general function of each code segment. A nice read for someone interested in such a project. View the tutorial here.