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How to Build an iPhone App Using Flash

Lee BrimeLow of the Flash Blog has posted a nice video tutorial on how to create a native iPhone application using the upcoming Flash Professional CS5. This tutorial shows how similar the process for creating an iPhone application is to process for creating AIR applications.

Just like on-device testing using Xcode, those wishing to test their Flash-created iPhone application would have to acquire the $100 developer license from Apple in order to be able to test their applications on their actual devices or in order to distribute them through the iTunes store.

Learn more about this by viewing the video tutorial here.

Tutorial: Changing Object Color Using AS3

AS3: ColorTransform Learn how to use the AS3 ColorTransform Class to change the color of any object you have visible on the stage. You can read this tutorial here.

Tutorial: Using the Switch Statement in AS3

AS3: Switch Statement This ActionScript 3.0 tutorial will teach you how to execute conditional code in a branched manner upon the satisfaction of a certain case using the switch statement.

Tutorial: Creating A Simple AIR Application

Creating A Simple AIR Application Our latest tutorial will teach you how to create a simple AIR application that works as a clock widget. The application will also have basic AIR-online functionality such as dragging the whole window and closing the application. The tutorial will cover the whole process for creating the application including the signing process. You can view this tutorial here.

Tutorial: AS3 XML Slideshow

AS3 XML Slideshow Learn how to create an image slideshow using ActionScript 3.0 and XML. All contents of the tutorial can be updated through XML. You can view this tutorial here.

Flash Builer 4 and Flash Catalyst Beta Released

Flash Builder 4 Adobe released yesterday the public betas for Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst. Flash Builder 4 is the new version of Flex Builder which got renamed as Flash Builder recently, it is the tool to use to create rich internet applications using MXML and ActionScript.

Flash Catalyst on the hand is a new tool aimed at designers to allow them to transform Photoshop and Illustrator file documents into rich internet applications using a number of actions and user interface elements.

You can download both betas from Adobe Labs. You can get a quick start with these tools by checking the introductory tutorials for Flash Builder 4 from Adobe and the new video tutorials on both Catalyst and Builder from gotoAndLearn.

Creating A Flash Twitter Widget

 Just found a really cool tutorial on how to make an AS3 Flash Twitter widget using the Twitter API. The widget is very simple and only loads the latest tweets of a single user – it is not an advanced Twitter client, but still very interesting.

The Twitter API has a simple command to load the latest tweets of a user in XML format, the video tutorial will show you how to retrieve this XML feed and extract the info you need from it. The tutorial also briefly mentions cross-domain security issues and shows you how to overcome this to make your widget work.

You can view this video tutorial here, don’t mind the funny British accent!

Tutorial: Using the SharedObject Class (Flash Cookies)

AS3 Shared Object Class Certain projects such as an online game or a complex website might require you to store some data on the end-users machine such a highscore or configuration details so that need to be accessed across multiple browsing sessions. This specific task can be achieved by using the SharedObjects Class of AS3. Learn more about it by reviewing our tutorial on this topic.

HexoSearch – The ActionScript Search Engine

HexoSearch HexoSearch is a new search engine dedicated to ActionScript content. Instead of attempting to index all websites on the internet, HexoSearch uses a semi-manual process for selecting relevant ActionScript resources and showing results only from pages within these websites. The search results are improved through a social element by which users can vote for a link if they found it relevant.

HexoSearch seems to be more effective than traditional tutorial search engines as the tutorials do not have to be manually submitted. I played around with it a bit and thought that the were already ordered through a good ranking logic as the top results seem to be more relevant than the ones in the bottom even where no votes have made for any of the links. The voting mechanism is also implemented through a nice minimal framing technique that shows the controls on the side of the actual tutorial page found through HexoSearch.

If you are one of those people who are always Googling for ActionScript tutorials then make sure that you check out HexoSearch, it might just do the trick.

[via Rimp]

Following Flash News on Twitter

Follow Flash on Twitter Twitter is a micro-blogging platform to get the latest updates from friends and family. It could also be used to stay up to date with the latest news about a specific topic if you find the the people to follow! I thought I’ll make a post on some Twitter accounts which could be interesting to Flash and ActionScript developers.

The obvious ones to follow are Flash Platform, Air, and Flash SEO, which are all from Adobe and should keep you up to date with all the official announcements and will give you an inside scoop on what’s happening.

A more discrete discovery is Edward Sullivan of Adobe who seems to always have something interesting to share about AS3. Another good account to follow for general Flash updates is FlashForum which talks just about that and updates from that community.

You can also check out Twibes for the ActionScript twitter directly – which for some reason doesn’t seem to want to open for me.

And of course you should follow the Republic of Code on Twitter if you haven’t done that already!

Has anybody else managed to find other interesting Flash and ActionScript Twitter accounts to follow?