New Features in Flash Builder 4.6 and Flex 4.6

 Adobe has announced a few details about the upcoming versions of Flash Builder 4.6 and Flex 4.6 framework, both of which are expected to be released before the end of this year. In addition to incremental improvements in performance, Flash Builder 4.6 will introduce a number of badly needed components that are optimized for mobile projects such as SpinnerList, DateSpinner, ToggleSwitch, CallOutButton, and SplitViewNavigator, along with the introduction of the ability to use native text to support system wide text features such as text selection, spellcheck, and copy & paste. The update from Flash Builder 4.5 to Flash Builder 4.6 will be free of charge.

I’m personally very excited about this update to Flash Builder and Flex. You can learn more about the new features of Flash Builder 4.6 and Flex 4.6 from Adobe’s website.