Adobe Launches Wallaby – Flash to HTML Conversion Tool

Earlier this week Adobe announced a new technology called Wallaby that will enable its users to convert Flash projects into HTML5. Unlike the Flash iPhone Packager, Wallaby will not be able to convert any ActionScript into interactive HTML5 content, instead the tool simply makes it possible to convert Graphical content in FLA files into HTML5 ready content that may be displayed on webkit browers and iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. Wallaby conversion works only with FLA files written in AS3 format.

You can learn more about Wallaby and download it from Adobe Labs, but you should note that this is an early technology showcase, so do not expect it to be bug-free.

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  • Corporal Tucker

    Does anyone else see the uselessness in this program? How hard is it to copy something in Flash and paste (idealy) into InDesign/Illustrator and incorporate that into Dreamweaver? Really poor idea.

    It’s really simple: Dreamweaver -> Build HTML and CSS and incorporate graphics with any other program you see fit. In my opinion (a little bit bold) Flash should not be used in the layout process of a site but rather as content.

  • Mpoint

    Remember this in response to HTML 5.0, With HTML 5.0 you can do everything you can do in FLASH so why do people want to use it.. They can keep selling FLASH PROFESSIONAL To programmers like us who do not wish to use HTML to build FLASH website