RIM Announces Flash-Enabled “PlayBook” Tablet

RIM has recently announced a new internet tablet device called “PlayBook”  that will run Flash Player 10.1  and Adobe AIR for mobile devices. The PlayBook will be running RIM’s own BlackBerry Tablet OS which will allow developers to build apps for the device only using HTML 5 and the Adobe Flash Platform.

Developers interested in targeting tablets should check out Adobe Labs’ page on BlackBerry Tablet OS and BlackBerry Tablet OS Developer Zone.

It is very interesting to see how many of the devices competing with the iPhone and the iPad use their competing devices capability to play Flash content as a major marketing feature and a fundamental element for having true unrestricted web.

This must be a great time for Flash developers as more mobile devices come out with Flash support and the ease at which Flash applications can be ported in iPhone Apps becomes easier.

You can learn more about the BlackBerry PlayBook at RIM’s official website. The PlayBook is expected to be out for developers and enterprise users in October, and should be made available to the public by the start of 2011.

  • Jafar

    That tablet looks cool, Id buy one. Just seeing it has ports for external media already says, “I’m better than an iPad” and it has a built in camera as well. That’s not even mentioning that Flash is playing a role in its marketing. Hopefully it will be everything it seems to be.

  • http://www.blue-chi.com/ Blue_Chi

    I think that the external ports are a great addition, a front facing camera is also a nice addition. I hope that this tablet picks up when it comes out. It will be very difficult for Apple to hold its stance against having a Flash Player in its browser if competitors prove that it is a necessary element of rich web browsing.