Adobe AIR on Mobile Devices

Adobe unveiled in the recent Mobile World Congress the mobile version of AIR for the Android OS. Like its desktop counterpart, AIR on mobile devices would allow developers to create applications with access to the phone memory and other system attributes and which can be deployed easily on all mobile operating systems that support the runtime.

During the event demos of AIR were shown on the Motorola DROID, but the runtime would also be available for other operating systems such as Blackberry. The new Flash CS5 Professional will allow exporting a mobile application created into a native iPhone application or an AIR application for a mobile device making it very easy to deploy the same project on multiple platforms simultaneously.

You can read more about this and watch demo videos at the Flash Mobile Blog.

There still isn’t any official release date for Flash CS5 Professional – the tool that will enable developers to create native iPhone applications or AIR applications for mobile devices.