Flash CS5 will create iPhone Applications!

Flash on the iPhone This is probably the biggest Flash announcement of the year, Adobe announced that Flash developers will finally be able to create iPhone-compatible Flash games. The next version of the Flash authoring tool, Flash CS5, will have a feature to export AS3 projects to native iPhone applications. This feature does not mean that the iPhone will be able to understand Flash files or that its Safari browser will be capable of running Flash movies, but it means that Flash developers will be able to use Flash CS5 to make native iPhone applications and games by using their existing ActionScript 3.0 skills.

Flash CS5 iPhone applications will have some restrictions such as the inability to use the camera or the copy-and-paste features, but will have the majority of other features including SQLite. Developers will still have to acquire an Apple Developer’s License to be able to sell their applications on the App Store.

This is a truly amazing step forward for Adobe and it will help make Flash developers have a new medium to distribute their content. The beta of Flash CS5 is expected to be released by the end of the 2009.

You can learn more about this, watch a demo video and download sample iPhone applications at http://Adobe.com/iPhone . You can learn more about the restrictions of Flash iPhone Application from the Flash Mobile Blog.