Adobe Mobile Packager Reaches a 100,000 Downloads

Flash Mobile Packager According the Flash Mobile Blog, the number of downloads of the Adobe Mobile Packager has finally reached a 100,000 successful downloads. While a significant milestone for Adobe, this number doesn’t mean that there are a 100,000 active developers or that there are a 100,000 applications that were made through the packager.

The Adobe Mobile Packager is a Windows-only tool used by developers to wrap up their Flash Lite files in a format that allows the end user to check for and download the latest version of the Flash Lite player before running the file, therefore avoiding version incompatibility issues.

However, Flash Lite continues to be irrelevant in today’s market for a various number of reasons, including the unfriendliness of the user experience on most Symbian and Windows phones, the wide disparity in capabilities of supported phones, the failure of the Nokia Ovi Store, and  many others. Until the full Flash Player 10 is supported on Android, Adobe might as well just suspend all its mobile operations.