HexoSearch – The ActionScript Search Engine

HexoSearch HexoSearch is a new search engine dedicated to ActionScript content. Instead of attempting to index all websites on the internet, HexoSearch uses a semi-manual process for selecting relevant ActionScript resources and showing results only from pages within these websites. The search results are improved through a social element by which users can vote for a link if they found it relevant.

HexoSearch seems to be more effective than traditional tutorial search engines as the tutorials do not have to be manually submitted. I played around with it a bit and thought that the were already ordered through a good ranking logic as the top results seem to be more relevant than the ones in the bottom even where no votes have made for any of the links. The voting mechanism is also implemented through a nice minimal framing technique that shows the controls on the side of the actual tutorial page found through HexoSearch.

If you are one of those people who are always Googling for ActionScript tutorials then make sure that you check out HexoSearch, it might just do the trick.

[via Rimp]

  • Peter

    Looks neat, I've had a play with it and the result looks great. I'll be interested to see how this project goes.

  • Dav

    woot, just had a try on it. Results seems to be quite useful.

  • enzogames

    It needs the ability to search for flex info too. Man I'm tired of Movieclips everything.

  • dav

    it now allows user to search for flex, check it out!

  • dav

    it now allows user to search for flex, check it out!