Following Flash News on Twitter

Follow Flash on Twitter Twitter is a micro-blogging platform to get the latest updates from friends and family. It could also be used to stay up to date with the latest news about a specific topic if you find the the people to follow! I thought I’ll make a post on some Twitter accounts which could be interesting to Flash and ActionScript developers.

The obvious ones to follow are Flash Platform, Air, and Flash SEO, which are all from Adobe and should keep you up to date with all the official announcements and will give you an inside scoop on what’s happening.

A more discrete discovery is Edward Sullivan of Adobe who seems to always have something interesting to share about AS3. Another good account to follow for general Flash updates is FlashForum which talks just about that and updates from that community.

You can also check out Twibes for the ActionScript twitter directly – which for some reason doesn’t seem to want to open for me.

And of course you should follow the Republic of Code on Twitter if you haven’t done that already!

Has anybody else managed to find other interesting Flash and ActionScript Twitter accounts to follow?