Adobe Full Power on Mobile

Adobe Flash Lite This past month has been a crazy one for Flash Lite. There is no doubt that Adobe is taking mobile as serious as ever as it launched the beta of the new Flash Lite Distributable Player, a US $100,000 Flash Lite developer competition, and a mobile application download portal at

Adobe hopes that Flash Lite can be a viable solution for developing mobile application in the era of the iPhone where the expectation is much higher than what it used to be three years ago. Flash Lite has been around for years, but it never really took off outside Japan. The majority of people do not even know that their phones have a Flash player.

Adobe hopes to solve the problem of Flash Lite version segmentation by the new distributable player that will work in a manner similar to the way the full desktop version works and gets updated. Adobe’s online store will also make it easier for end users to find and experience Flash Lite applications. Handset manufacturers, such as Nokia, have also announce their own online store for distributing applications (including Flash Lite applications).

Flash Lite became really insubstantial as the popularity of the iPhone and Android soared, and it will be very difficult for the platform to have any momentum without the release of a single handset that has an impact in the phone market.