Chumby Still Exists

Chumby Not sure how many of you guys remember Chumby, the Flash Lite powered Wifi Internet gadget. It was commercially released in February 2008, though it has been showing around the Internet for almost a year before that. Some think of it as a fancy digital-clock toy, but Chumby web gadgets can do all sorts of things from RSS, to Facebook, to Flickr, to Gmail and even YouTube.

The coolest thing about Chumby is that it runs on Flash Lite 3.0, though obviously not as nice as running on ActionScript 3.0, Flash Lite 3.0 is equivalent to ActionScript 2.0 and offers all the capabilities of Flash Player 8 along with additional features of Chumby such as touch screen and “squeeze” features. 

I would personally love to have a Chumby, not for any specific purpose other than just having fun with the gadget and trying out new things on it, however, I’m one of those people who are not willing to shell out $200 for a bedside toy. Chumby is also only available for sale in the US, Japan, and Australia.

Recent press releases on Chumby’s official website say that the Chumby technology might soon be introduced to digital frames by manufacturers such as Samsung and Marvell. This is great news if it means that we will be able to see cheaper consumer products that make use of the Chumby platform. has recently published an article and an a video review of Chumby and they seem to like it. Check out the video below to see Chumby in action.