Adobe Flash Catalyst

Adobe Flash Catalyst Not sure how many of you guys have seen Adobe Flash Catalyst. It is a very interesting new tool that connects designers and developers in the process of creating interactive applications using the Flash Platform. It is possible to use Catalyst to create interactive Flash applications without using any code. Using Catalyst you can import a program you graphically designed in Fireworks, select buttons and add functionality to them by right-clicking them and selecting the required functionailty from a menu. Catalyst files could be imported into Flex Builder  where the functionality could then be further tuned and updated by a developer.

It is worth noting that Catalyst will write its source code in MXML and not ActionScript 3.o. No mention is made as to a functionality link between Flash Professional and Catalyst.

The beta version of Catalyst should be released on Adobe Labs sometime this year. Check out the videos and learn more about Catalyst from here.