Flash Demo on Google Android

Flash on Android Earlier this week at the MAX conference Adobe previewed a functional demo of Flash Player 10 running on Android. As an open source operating system, it was expected that Flash would appear sooner or later on it, and while we were expecting to see a new version of Flash Lite released on Android, Adobe surprised us with a fully functional Flash Player 10 capable of delivering the same Flash content you see on PC browsers.

Adobe has announced that the new mobile version of the Flash Player will be released for various other mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile and probably Symbian. However, a release on the iPhone is very unlikely as Apple refuses to allow the deployment of applications such as Flash which may be used to run indepedent applications without having to go through iTunes.

A snipped of Flash Player 10 running on Android can be see in the video below:

 The release of a new fully fledged Flash Player for mobile devices is great news for Flash developers, but they still have to wait as there is no word yet on the release date of this new player in the market.