Adobe Air on Mobiles Next Year

The New York Times recently published an article about new application platforms for mobile devices which mentions that Adobe plans on releasing a mobile edition of Adobe Air next year. The article mentions that Adobe Air applications will be universally functional across all different handsets that run the new player. This is strange because this is cited as an improvement over Flash Lite, which is supposedly not compatible across all mobile phones supporting the technology. This is untrue because the same Flash movie will work on all phones supporting the targetted Flash Lite version regardless of screen orientation and resolution, but it will not necessarily look nice. 

The real benefit in introducing Adobe Air to mobile phone would be in enabling mobile phones to run ActionScript 3.0, the current robust OOP programming language of Flash. Flash Lite 3 currently supports ActionScript 2.0, the release of Air on mobile phones will let Flash web application developers use their existing skills to develop mobile applications.

Adobe Air mobile will also probably introduce the ability to install the application on the device for offline accecssibilty and might provide access to system resources.

You can learn more about Adobe’s mobile Air plans over on the New York Times website.

[via Biskero]