Lightwave 9.2 Released

Lightwave 9.0 Boxshot

Newtek has released the version 9.2 update to its Lightwave 3D modelling, animation and rendering software. The update is available for the Windows and Power Mac versions of LightWave 9, but the Intel Mac version is still in Beta. It’s release date has yet still not been annoucned. Version 9.2 of Lightwave introduces depth of field photorealistic lens effects, photoreal motion blur, global illumination and material shaders. There are also new modelling and selection tools including create rows, select entire loop, select entire surface, select Entire Part, select Path, loop expand and loop contract.

You can upgrade your LightWave 9 for free from Newtek’s site. Full versions costs $795.00 with printed manuals, click here to read more.