New Omani Mobile Game Launched

Shaking Funjan

Oman Mobile launched its second mobile game on the 10th of December at a special launch event held at the Crowne Plaza Muscat. The authentic Omani game titled “Shaking Funjan” was developed in Holland upon a game concept selected through a competition organised by Oman Mobile and the Sultan Qaboos University for high education students in Oman. The quality of the game was ensured by hiring Mobile2win, a random Indian company that makes trademark-infringing silly mobile games such as Lord of the Drinks, Toilet Trainer, and Spinny Alley.

Nobody knows how Shaking Funjan really plays like, the game was not demoed at the event and the official website does not mention anything about its gameplay. There is no online demo, there is no offline demo. You have to actually purchase the game to learn about how it plays. To download the game, you will have to first pay 1 Rial Omani and then pay 3 Baizas for each kb (and just in case you didn’t know, that’s a bit, not a byte) you download, there is no actual or approximate size mentioned on the website, it could be 10 kilobytes, 100 kilobytes, or just about anything.

You can learn more on how to waste 1 Rial (plus download charges) on the game with the most ridiculous main character name via this link.