We Need Your Help

The management of Oman3D is based in Oman, a Muslim country in the Middle East. An upcoming major event to the community that we reside in is Ramadhan, which is a holy month in the Muslim calendar that should start sometime towards the end of September this year.

In celebration of Ramadhan, we are planning to publish various tutorials and articles under an Islamic theme. For example, we are going to have a Photoshop tutorial on how to draw a mosque, a 3D Studio Max tutorial on how to model an Islamic lantern, a flash tutorial on how to make a Ramadhan e-card, and so on. We believe that this would be a great opportunity for us to introduce some aspects of the Islamic art and culture to the graphics community.

We are making this thread in hope that other members could participate in this event by writing any tutorial or article under an Islamic theme so that it gets published with the collection of material we are going to publish this Ramadhan, various members have already agreed to help us write different tutorials for Ramadhan.

This is your opportunity to help make Oman3D grow into a more valuable website, we would be delighted to publish all quality tutorials written by the members, if you have any ideas or suggestions to make for Ramadhan please feel free to post them in this thread.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please visit this thread in the Oman3D Forum.